Refit & Ingenious Repairs, Hi-Tech Machine Shop

Lever Group operates a comprehensive range of services in vast premises

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop of 1800sqm in a 3-floor building, is fully equipped with the latest technology’s tools and contemporary machinery, consistently updated in competitive EU prototype units, carrying on the ISO 9001:2015 updated in legal force, preserving safety protocols for the personnel and technicians.

Modern Equipment

Robotics to offer laser solutions, sophisticated equipment, automation, mobile machining, accuracy measurements product testing & a state of the art Quality control department enable LEVER GROUP to deliver flawless & certified products to comply with the requirements of the high Classification Societies. With direction towards over-all, control of her environmental impact LEVER GROUP practice all-new technologies developed to protect the environment and they are enforcing all the required measures to use energy in an efficient and cost saving way.

Workforce & Expertise

Technological intelligence and expertise define a highly-skilled team of mechanical engineers and service engineers, to run business in a prototype and complete model of Technical Management, always available to help and service our customers.

In addition, our Technical Management team will provide the project and technical management by undertaking the ruling and the management of services and customers. Moreover, it supervises all the services from the first moment until their completion by analyzing the specifications of the services, edit reports according to the requirements of the high Classification Societies, for our customers and communicate with them.

Strategic Partners
  • Shipyards, neighboring or affiliated, offering docking facilities and space for marine installations
  • Certified workshops in supplementary technical sectors
  • Naval Architects
  • Yacht agencies
  • Dealership & Brokerage houses unchangingly authorize us participate in construction, repairs and maintenance
  • Reliable Spare Parts Stores, offering a vast collection with solid and guaranteed products, for common or distinct parts of a super yacht / her sophisticated tender.
CRM & Adjoining Property

In house Divisions: Order & Supply, Accounting

CRM attending ISO 9001:2015 procedures to administer bureaucracy and relative operations.