Laser & Optical Alignment

LEVERTEAM has specially developed laser equipment which enables measurement of shaft lines, alignment of diesel engines, gear, pumps, rudder, etc. The measurement is documented by printouts.

Ship Repairs

LEVERTEAM carries out a wide range of repair tasks on vessels. The work is carried out in the workshop in PERAMA or on vessels around the world. We have access to slipways as well as docking facilities.

All-inclusive Contract

LEVERTEAM undertakes repair, reconditioning and renovation work under an all-inclusive contract. We cooperate with professional and experienced subcontractors and we guarantee the overall quality. This means that our customers have only one point of contact.

Overhaul of Cranes and Winches

LEVERTEAM offers overhaul of cranes and winches. We rebuild all types of winches such as wire winches and anchor winches.

Engine Work

LEVERTEAM carries out all types of engine work, including total repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation of engines. Our experience covers all the recognized makes of two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines.

Machine Shop

Mechanical production and repairs of parts and equipment for shipping and yacht.

Mobile Machining

LEVERTEAM carries out all kinds of repairs to propeller equipment and rudder arrangements world-wide.
We have a wide range of specially designed mobile equipment that enables us to carry out the job on-site

  • Boring of stern tube-rudder neck bearing-rudder horn etc.
  • Machining of cones in rudder blades cones on shafts etc.
  • Laser & optical alignment equipment.
  • Shaft withdrawal.

Repair of Pumps

LEVERTEAM carries out maintenance on all pump types, including dismounting, disconnecting, renovation and mounting. We have experience in renovation of piston pumps, centrifugal pumps and hydraulic pumps, etc.

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